A selfcare journey to selflove


meet the creator

We all begin our self love somewhere. To be honest, I never realized I was on a "journey" until the pandemic hit in 2020. As a college educated young professional in a corporate management position I thought I was doing OK - but what is satisfaction, really? It was as if the world stopped but work continued to pile up. I found myself exhausted, up working all hours and eventually I looked like it. I'll spare you of all the rock bottom details that preceeded my epiphany. So many tears were shed, but then a bath with a hemp-infused bath bomb changed it all. Not only did I feel relaxed but renewed and centered. The rose petals I added, made me feel like myself again, pampered. Something I had not felt since my last spa day. Except I was in my own home. So, I did it again, and again and for every one of the following weeks to come. Each time I added a new element - bubbles, essential oils, a bath pillow, and so on. Then I realized something was off - it was my pH balance. After reviewing the products ingredients I noticed I they were all unfamiliar. I knew then it was the culprit of my annoying symptoms. I started doing research on hemp derived products and realized that many products aren't even what they are presented to be. Always a problem solver, I started studying my new lifeline learning about holistic herbs, all natural bath treatments and hemp derived products. Before I knew it I had started making my own bath blends and sharing with my family and friends as gifts. Then their friends and family started requesting products too. Not only did this make me happy but it gave US a sense of self love. People were actually prioritizing self care and finding themselves again. Carving out an hour to soak in the tub and relax may sound simple enough but most can't think about when was the last time they did so. So that's my mission, MAKING BATHS GREAT AGAIN.